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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 8, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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the cold snap continues as people in the bay area deal with sub freezing temperatures for a fifth night. good evening. thank you for joining us. let's go right to chris spencer. >> we have temperatures already as we look at live doppler 7 hd. low 30s in many locations. clear skies. temperatures will drop much lower than that.
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a freeze warning for the next two nights for all of the bay area except for san francisco. it will drop into the low 20s in some locations. exposed pipes could burst in conditions like this. risk of hypotherm ya. er exploratorium camera looking towards the bay bridge, the next two overnights, inland lows near the low 20s. freezing on the coast. we have a little bit less colder on tuesday night into wednesday. one more live view looking out over san francisco. tomorrow will also be our second consecutive spare the air day. air quality is declining as the temperatures drop. no wood burning during spare the air alert. it's unlawful. tomorrow the north bay will have the poorest air quality. more on our weather a little later. >> spencer, thank you so much. now to the impact this weather is having on people in the bay area. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is showing us how people in the bay are dealing with
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these subfreezing temperatures. >> reporter: a welcome delivery of warm coats just arrived at st. vincent depaul's homeless out reach. thousands of coats donated. >> we're fortunate to have so much and to share with the people that are not as fortunate. it being so cold this year. >> reporter: at walnut creek temperatures struggled to get out of the 30s. we found snow. this stuff was collected by the z zamboni at an ice skating rink. >> you have to do it, even though it's cold. >> reporter: overnight the chp reported black ice on west highway 24 out of the culdecott tunnel. the cold kept many tourists in doors. not good for the petticab.
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>> reporter: despite offering a blanket on the ride, it's been a tough sell. >> it makes it more challenges for sure. yeah. because you have to overcome the cold somehow. you know, you have to make it more appealing than being inside. >> reporter: we found some people brave enough to rent bikes to trek across the golden gate bridge. steve pleasant and his family actually came to san francisco looking for cold weather. >> we just come from 100-degree heat in australia. down here you just have to make sure you're dressed up for it. just keep in the sun. as long as you stay in the sun, it's fine. >> reporter: this family was all smiles as they bundled up and headed out. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc news. >> here's a pic e-mailed to us that shows icicles hanging from a tree at a south san jose playground. we want to see how the freezing cold is affecting you. send your photos and videos. also tweet them to abc 7 news bay area. across the nation the forecast calls for the wintry mix to continue through tonight and
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turn into rain early tomorrow. meteorologists say this is the work of a couple of storms lined up side by side. freezing rain has made driving for millions of residents nationwide. >> i've got anti-lock brakes. i was going five miles an hour. >> airline passengers flying to texas, chicago or the northeast are advised to call ahead. thousands of flights are canceled nationwide. right now no major delays being reported at bay area airports. the worst delays include chicago o'hare, philadelphia international and major airports in new york and new jersey. check out game conditions in philadelphia today. the eagles and lions game was one of several played during a snowstorm. the snow obscured the yard markers. wow. look at that. making it nearly impossible for fans to tell exactly where the ball was. if you think this is insane, wait until you see the players on the field in this stuff. abc 7 news sports anchor mike shoeman has a look in about 15
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minutes. police are on the look out for a gunman in villejo tonight. they found a man shot several times l lying in the street in front of an elementary school. people who drove by reportedly pulled over to try and help the man. they say he'd been shot several times including gunshot wounds to the head. despite his injuries he was talking. one neighbor said he didn't see anyone running away, but he did hear the gunshots. >> five shots. came outside. i didn't see anything. and then went back in. somebody came home. my step-son came home. then he said somebody's laying in the middle of the street with cars on both sides of him. and then i guess the ambulance came and the police came and taped it all off. >> at last check, that victim was alive at the hospital.
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a pg & e worker was injured on the job in san francisco this morning. he was responding to a power outage. the worker was trying to reset a transformer when it failed. he suffered minor burns and was taken to the hospital. the facility sent out another crew to replace the transformer. power was restored to most customers by 1:00 p.m. a massive tree shut down traffic when it fell across pine street near laguna this evening. the tree blocked three lanes on pine street around 5:00 p.m. causing a traffic mess in the area. it took crews about an hour to clean it up. no one was hurt. a bay area man held captive in north korea said he was kept in comfortable living conditions during his stay. here's a photo of 85-year-old merrill newman greeting a neighbor outside his home in sant cruz this morning. he was taken off of a plane in north korea in late october and accused of crimes committed while fighting in the korean war six decades ago. he arrived back in the u.s. yesterday. he said he was kept in a comfortable hotel room, not a cell. he was well fed, eating traditional korean food.
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newman said he was even bored at times when asked if he would travel abroad again, he said his wife is now in control of his passport. thousands of fans turned out today to pay tribute to actor paul walker. they gathered around a memorial set up where walker died november 30th. mourners left flowers, candles, cards and stuffed animals. so many people showed up today, sheriff's deputies had to direct traffic in the area. walker was on a break from shooting the seventh "fast & furious" movie when he died. production was delayed but will continue without him. still ahead, why some well known musicians are canceling shows. details of a large recall that could affect your holiday party menu. help us feed the bay area. visit the abc 7 facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live. each pledge will donate $1 in your honor to america's food banks up to $75,000. your good deed could be rewarded. everyone who takes the pledge
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there's a meat recall affecting california. federal agriculture -- boneless hams were shipped by santa maria foods of ontario, canada. routine tests showed listeria pathogens in 50 pound boxes containing four hams each. they're labeled prosciuttox4 gold. there are no reports of anyone getting sick from eating the product. a california law on dna collection will fac tests. the law requires dna samples be taken from anyone who has been
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arrested for a felony in california. voters passed it in 2004. the american civil liberties union sued in 2009, saying the law is unconstitutional. the state claims it helps solve cold cases. the u.s. supreme court has already upheld a similar law in maryland. add heart to the list of musical acts refusing to play concerts at seaworld. the band's official twitter account announced it's backing out of a february show because of a documentary called "blackfish." it examined the treatment of killer whales and other marine mammals at seaworld. willie nelson and bare naked ladies have also backed out of seaworld concerts. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, we'll tell you how alligators and crocodiles may use tools to hunt prey. can we finally expect to warm up this week? spencer christian is up next with the forecast. the 49ers and seahawks don't like each other which is normal for division rivals.
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someone spotted a mountain lion in half-moon bay early this morning. sheriff's deputies searched the nearby area. they didn't find it. mountain lion sightings are common in san matteo county. especially the hilly areas. experts say stay away from it and call 911. researchers say alligators and crocodiles may use tools to lure prey. a new study found they use sticks to attract nest building birds. both gators and crocs will balance them on their snouts. when the birds land, they attack. this is the first time
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scientists have reported reptiles using tools to hunt. don't want to get too close to one of those. >> stay away from alligators, crocodiles and mountain lions. and stay inside for the next couple days. >> stay warm if you can. >> cold out there. live doppler 7 hd. clear skies. temperatures have just been dropping rapidly since the sun went down hours ago. let's get right down to business here. take a look at our current readings. looking along the embarcadero, 41 here in san francisco. it's rare that san francisco drops below 40 degrees. tonight it will again. it's 38 already in oakland. 36, san jose. 34, los gatos. let's look at colder weather while we look from our emoryville camera live across the bay. 29 in santa rosa, 34, fair field. concord, 31. 34 in livermore.
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one final live view looking at bay bridge from exploratorium camera. under clear skies. these are four forecast futures. freeze warning in effect for the next two nights. tomorrow will be our second consecutive spare the air day. no wood burning. we'll have chilly afternoons tomorrow and tuesday before we start to have some moderating temperatures by mid-week or so. here's the pacific satellite image of movement of today' systems. that cold front is now well to our south. in fact, losouth of los angeles. cold air spilling to the southern part of the state. particularly here in the bay area. as we start our forecast animation, 11:00 tonight. no clouds moving through. in the absence of clouds temperatures generally drop even lower. it will be a chilly day again tomorrow with afternoon highs just barely breaking the 50-degree mark. that did not happen today in the bay area. overnight look for lows of 23, santa rosa. 21, napa. 23, livermore. 24, morgan hill. some of the colder locations right around the bay will see lows mainly in the upper 20s. at freezing or below in some coastal locations.
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then tomorrow, under mainly sunny skies in the afternoon. we'll see high temperatures in the south bay right around 50 degrees. 50 in san jose. 49, santa clara. on the peninsula most highs around 50 also from san mateo to pail l palo alto, mountain view. in and around san francisco, highs in the upper 40s. close to the coast, about 50. up in the north bay, the inland valleys will see highs in the low 50s. 52 in santa rosa. 52 at napa. he's bay highs, 49 at union city and fremont. inland east bay chillier than that. high temperatures will reach only into the upper 40s. all of the inland east bay locations, 48 at livermore,le pleasantton. temperatures moderate a little on wednesday and thursday. by the end of the week high temperatures back in the upper 50s which will seem almost like
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a heat wave compared to what we have now. a slight chance of some light rain on friday. doesn't look like much of a rainmaker. the big change in our weather towards the end of the week will be the warmup. >> okay. sounds good. we'll look forward to it. >> i'm looking forward to it, too. >> thank you, spencer. >> okay. sports, a lot of people were looking forward to today's game. >> your friend bat kid was there. the seahawks in town with a chance to clinch the nfc west in a first round bye with a win over the 49ers. in the final day game in the regular season at the stick. seattle's 12th man is everywhere. flying high over candlestick. second quarter, niners up six until marshawn lynch tossed this 11 yard td run. another niner field goal after one. russell wilson connects with another wilson. 72 yard drive. ends with colin kaepernick finding vernon davis who makes a great catch.
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16-14, niners, at the half. the fourth. a field goal puts seattle up, 17-16. niners give it to the workhorse, frank gore. great cutback. 51 yard game. that sets up phil dawson's fourth field goal. 22 yards. the niners' only points in the second half. 19-17 game. leaving enough time for wilson to throw one more desperation hail mary. eric wright made sure that prayer was not answered. niners win it, 19-17. ending the seahawks' seven-game win streak. >> hold them to 17 points is really a great accomplishment. i think it was a great team accomplishment also. i thought everybody played well. special teams, defense and offense. great team win. >> the o offense, we played together. you know, it took all the play makers to do something in this game. that's what it going to take for us to, you know, get to that next level. >> all right. stick around. we'll have another edition of vernon's view tonight at 11:00 p.m. when vernon sits down with
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larry biel to go one on one about today's victory. vernon's view only on abc 7 news. spencer said it was cold. check this out in philly. eagles and lions in a blizzard. entire field covered in snow. couldn't see the lines on the field much less the football. things cleared up late in the game. lesean mccoy took over running for 217 of the eagles' 299 yards. offense has an advantage in this weather. 57 yards here. eagles beat the lions, 34-20. take over first place in the nfc east as the cowboys play on monday night. oakland in new york to face the jets. raiders are no fan of east coast games. losing 15 straight east of the mississippi with today's setback. dozens of raider fans will show up no matter what. first quarter, 25 yards here to jeremy curley. jets go up, 10-0. third quarter down 17. mcmcgloin a touchdown pass of his own. 48 yards to rod streater. raiders down ten. they couldn't get any closer.
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fourth quarter, chris ivory. breaks about five tackles. that's a sign that maybe the raiders have given up. jets win it, 37-27. raiders fall to 4-9. head coach john fox back on the sideline for denver after having heart surgery on november 4th. he witnessed history as kicker matt prater set an nfl record for the longest field goal. 64 yards. peyton manning also threw four touchdowns. denver wins, 51-28. patriots. julian edelman with a middle left. now a five-point game. after recovering the on side kick brady find danny amendola. brady 418 yards. two tds. one point lead. billy cundiff needed this 50 yarder to give the browns the lead. at the line. comes up short. what a comeback. 27-26, the final. ravens and vikings, teams combined for 22 points in the fourth quarter. five lead changes in the last minutes. ten seconds left. joe flacco hits rookie marlon
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brown for the game winner. record 88 touchdowns scored today around the nfl. to the indoor ice. sharks wrapping up a four game road trip against the wild of minnesota. second period. scooped up by za. a glove save. minnesota then adds some insurance. three on two. a wicked wrister. 3-1, your final. san jose finishes 1-3 on their road trip. florida state will face auburn for the national title on january 6th at the rose bowl. we'll hear from the cardinals tonight at 11:00 p.m. >> all right. thank you. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, a surprise at the box office. the "hunger games"
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tonight at 11:00, temperatures rapidly drops. coming up, the dangers you can't see when it drops below freezing and the effort to save lives tonight. and a butterfly band? the bay area city that wants to stop people from releasing butterflies at weddings and other celebrations and why they say it's dangerous. tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. an upset at the box office. the "hunger games" has been knocked out of the top spot. disney's "frozen" came in first place in its second week. it's an animated comedy about two people who fight to end an icy spell in their frozen kingdom. it made 31 milli$31 million thi weekend. in second place was the winner of the last two weeks, "hunger games: catching fire." the star studded crime thriller "out of the furnace" managed just $5 million in its debut.
9:29 pm
"thor" and "delivery man" rounded out the top five. next week another blockbuster debuts. "the hobbit." may be a good weekend to take in a movie. go inside and stay warm. >> sounds good to me. >> it's going to be 20s again overnight, right? >> yeah. low 20s in the inland areas. upper 20s right around the bay. which is pretty cold. and, folks, the graphic we're supposed to -- that's okay. get rid of that. i'll tell you what's coming our way. it'll be below freezing, just below freezing a couple of coastal locations overnight. >> all right. see you at 11:00.
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>> this is a show with all kinds of people doing all kinds of stuff. some call it crazy. some call it a story. everyone calls it "bloopers." let's go. i am dean cain, and this is "bloopers." sometimes, we'd get bored with the 4000 established sports we have, so we created the homemade the 4000 established sports we have, so we created the homemade fun leag


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